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1. A livery can sometimes take longer than the time stated due to certain paintkits and complex details.

2. Once work on the livery has been done, a download link will be sent to the customer. NO REFUNDS CAN BE ISSUED AFTER A DONWLOAD LINK HAS BEEN SENT.

3. Any additional details requested after a livery has been delivered will be subject to an extra charge. However, errors in the livery or details left out by myself will be corrected for free.

4. If you choose the 'Not Listed' option from the Aircraft Required part of the form, PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE IS A PAINTKIT AVAILABLE FOR THIS MODEL. THANK YOU. Unfortunately I do not have the time to trawl the internet looking for paintkits.

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After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button. All liveries cost 10 regardless of complexity.
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: Please note that each price quoted in the livery shop applies to ONE repaint only. Additional repaints require an additional purchase. This also applies to requesting a new repaint, each request applies to ONE repaint. Payment for liveries in the catalogue is via PAYPAL. Please specify FS2004 or FSX. NO REFUNDS CAN BE ISSUED AFTER A DONWLOAD LINK HAS BEEN SENT. All liveries purchased through the livery shop will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase - please note this does not apply to requested liveries as these will take more time to prepare.  Please also note that the painting of new liveries using our Livery Request form can take some time to produce, the length of time taken will obviously depend on the amount of detail to paint - customers will be kept up to date with the progress. Please do NOT share liveries purchased from this site with anyone else, liveries are for the sole use of the customer only. Liveries purchased through our catalogue can also be modified to include a different registration number or level of dirt required - if any modifications are required please e-mail
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